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this is the funniest post i have ever seen and now i need to start watching this show



favourite character meme 
two tropes team mom: basically acts as the mother figure for everyone else in the group, regardless of age or family relations.

I loved Tara and her nurturing ways.

I was totally using a paring knife to open a package of two paring knives and I stabbed myself in the hand. 

Batman TV show ‘Gotham’ to feature lesbian detective


Skimmons week day six: Vulnerability (x)

“Angelina Jolie and I, we’re not friends, but when I called her about my human trafficking endeavors, she went all in. And I really appreciated that because there are not a lot of times that you can call upon people in our business and get serious help. She put me in contact with the people I needed to be in contact with, she sent me books, sent me all the information she had. I’m not saying that Angelina and I are, like, girlfriends and kicking it every day, but when you call another woman who’s in a position to lend support to you and she just jumps right in there, that’s sisterhood.”

Jada Pinkett-Smith on Angelina Jolie to Health Magazine. (via dontyouknowiminthisforlife)